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The Craft Nook: Fun, easy holiday ornaments

    It’s already December; are you ready for Christmas?  There is baking, shopping and decorating to do so is there any time left to craft?  The project this month is so quick and easy you will be able to make several in no time at all.  So while you are making them be sure and do a few extra, wrap them up and place them under your tree so you will have some last minute gifts ready for giving. To create you will need: Supplies •    Clear Christmas bulbs •    Future floor polish •    Ultra-fine glitter (color of choice) •    Decorative ribbon •    Scissor •    Funnel •    Craft glue •    Die-cut vinyl or stickers Instructions: •    Take the cap off the bulb; pour some Future floor polish into the bulb and swirl around at the bottom then continue turning the bulb to cover completely, pouring the excess floor polish back into container; let it sit upside down for a minute. •    Use a funnel to pour glitter into the bulb, turn the bulb to completely cover with glitter; pour the excess out. •    Replace the cap on the bulb. •    Tie a ribbon around the top. Make a bow and add a drop of glue to hold in place. •    Add vinyl or stickers on the outside if desired.

Tips & Tricks •     Make a funnel out of a piece of paper. •   Pour excess glitter onto a sheet of paper so it will be easy to pour back into the container. •   Combine two colors of glitter for another look. •   Add the date to the back. •   Use paint pens to handwrite on the bulbs.

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