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‘We have so much fun here’

Meadow Creek provides elegant living, family atmosphere

As Arleen Zempel sat poolside and looked through the large windows on the lower level of Meadow Creek Hospitality three miles southeast of Montevideo, her eyes gazed toward a modest creek that meanders through a wooded area south of the senior living facility.

“It’s beautiful here,” said Zempel, who has lived at Meadow Creek for 16 months. “I grew up a farm girl, and this place has the feel of both country living and city living. It’s just such a nice place to live.”

Meadow Creek Hospitality is a two-year-old facility that the owners refurbished and added on from their large country home once their children grew up and moved out.

The building is nestled on 10 acres of hillside and has the appearance of a mansion, complete with a manicured lawn and shrubbery, while being circled by a walking path.

“We have deer down by the creek that the residents here see every now and again,” said Sherrie Bennett, the Director of Administration. “They will come right up to the house toward dusk to look for food.”

Zempel’s room has a view of the creek located 150 yards south of the facility.

“The other day I saw two doe and two fawns running out in the long grass by the creek,” she said, excitedly. “We all look forward to seeing them when we get a chance.”

Meadow Creek also has chickens in a coop in the back patio area. Residents enjoy feeding them daily.

“They come right up to us because they know we have food for them,” said Meadow Creek resident Bob Gottsleben. “We have so much fun here. We’re like a big family.”

There is also an outdoor fire pit that residents can sit around and talk, while watching the flames dance and listening to the crackling of the logs on a starlit evening.

“You never really feel alone here,” said Joyce Anderson, who lives one door away from Zempel. “Everyone gets along so well; the people that work here are so wonderful, and they always have things for us to do if we get bored.”

A small patio garden with vegetables and flowers also gives residents the feeling of home as they tend and care for the various plants.

“We can use these in a cole slaw,” remarked Zempel, after holding up several radishes that she had just pulled from the soil.

If the weather isn’t cooperating, there are plenty of indoor amenities to keep the residents entertained. The shallow pool is clean and modern and offers recreational or therapeutic opportunities. Families of the residents can also use the pool or the large commons room next to the swimming pool while they are visiting. In the commons room next to the pool is an exercise area, a pool table, a modern bar and an 82-inch television.

“The residents like to watch things together or with their families on TV, like the Twins’ games or a movie,” said Bennett. “This room can be used for family parties, too.”

There is an activity every day in the afternoon for the residents, if they choose to participate.

“We have things like bingo, board games and bean bag toss,” said Bennett. “We also offer a worship service twice a month.”

Also within the walls of this beautifully decorated facility is a solarium, a library and a fitness center.

The facility houses 13 individual units with heated floors, including three that are licensed for double occupancy.

They are equipped for either assisted living or independent living residents.

“Each room is spacious, like a studio apartment” said Bennett. “And each bathroom has a large roll-in or walk-in shower to make it easy for them to get into.”

There is also a kitchenette in each room, which includes a refrigerator and microwave convection oven.

“When we first opened, people thought we would be too expensive because it’s so big and nice here,” said Bennett. “We have private pay, and income-based programs through the county and/or state that can be utilized.”

Meadow Creek Hospitality also offers respite care, as well as hospice care, to all their residents.

Because she is often caught up in her work and focuses on the residents’ needs, Bennett admitted she sometimes takes her workplace for granted; not always realizing all the various luxuries inside and outside that the facility offers until she gives a tour.

“If I had a family member that needed to go into a senior living facility, this is where I would want them to be,” said Bennett proudly. “When you get to that age and have worked hard all your life, you deserve something nice like this. It’s so big and nice, and we are actually comparable in price to surrounding facilities.”

Montevideo is located in western Minnesota. If you are interested in scheduling a tour or would like to learn more about Meadow Creek Hospitality, LLC, call Sherrie Bennett at 320-269-9000 or email Further information can also be found on their website at

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