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December 2023 Photo Gallery

Teresa Holwerda of Danube took note of this wonderful sea stack while in a cave by Heceta Head Lighthouse in Oregon in October. And was able to capture both the cave and sea stack. In the photography world, this technique is called a “natural frame.”

Grandma Carol of Fergus Falls, Minn., got this great photo of Sam her two-and-a-half-year-old grandson ready to ride his scooter this last summer.

Smoke on the Water. Is what locals call the steam that happens when the heat leaves the lake. On the morning of October 10th, the steam looked just like a cloud had landed on the lake. Photo captured by Terry Duhn on Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood, Minn.

Wild turkeys enjoyed exploring the yard close to Robert Radermacher’s house this fall.

Lori Ostrowski had a good eye for spotting this lovely birdhouse outside of an assisted living apartment in Brainerd.

Joanne Reed of Brooten gets to watch a flock of robins fly in to enjoy their flowering crab apples after they ferment in the fall.

Muriel Coulter captured this breathtaking sunset near Sleepy Eye.

Michael Sanoski got up early to catch the glowing skyline in Minneapolis before most people were busy with their day.

Kathy Damstrom of Alexandria sent in this zoomed in close up of a fox near Appleton, Minn. Taken by Chat Lehne in May.

Violet Scott, to the surprise of her aunt Cindy Midas of New Ulm, bent down to milk this cow statue as soon as she saw it. This photo was taken on their family farm in Cold Spring.

Naughty or nice? This cat is having a hard time deciding what to be before Santa pays a visit. Shared by Cynthia Berget of Buffalo

Do something wild today and look at a bird. Al Batt did and captured this crow.

A surprise visitor! Carol Enstad’s granddaughter was sneakily checking to see if Grandpa and Grandma were home in Walnut Grove. Hoping to surprise them by visiting.

Larry Kiewel of St. Peter noticed the past and present merging while he was in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Harvest was in full spring, but he was lucky enough to be staying close to this field that would be harvested in a reminiscent way.

One, three, or five trunks? Eileen Helmstetter of New London is wondering the same thing about this white birch tree she found on a walk this summer.

Stacey Moe of Vergas, Minn. spotted a black squirrel cleaning up after the birds.

This beautiful draft horse with a lovely fall background was pictured at a recent Northern Minnesota Draft Horse Association event. The owner was giving rides to people who attended the event.

Jim and Kat Becker had the opportunity to observe a very industrious beaver who decided a dam was needed in a very deep ditch in Tintah, Minn.

Sue Taylor captured one of many Trumpeter families swimming together as the lakes near Hitterdal, Minn., were about to freeze. They were gone the following day.

The Galápagos Islands are home to this giant tortoise, whom Sally Erickson of Little Falls got to visit and take a photo with in April of 2023.

Myrna Dahlke of Glencoe came across these mushrooms in the autumn leaves at the campsite at Sherwood Forest north of Gilbert.

Fred Soucie of Laporte, Minn., got to enjoy this sunrise on Steamboat Lake.

On a beautiful autumn day, Ben Zilka was visiting his brothers farm near Randall and captured these trees during their color change.

Diane’s nephew scared up a great Halloween stash by trick or treating as a character from the Purge movie this year. Shared by Diane Bias-Mosel of Gaylord.

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