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January Reader Photo Gallery

Lou Ann Marks talked her husband into getting his vintage pickup out of the garage to snap a Christmas photo in Alexandria.

This owl was looking for squirrels from Twila Moshier’s tree in Sisseton, S.D., last year.

It can snow anytime of the year in Yellowstone. Looks like winter, but these horses were photographed by Patty Murtaugh in September 2017.

DeeAnna Tuttle found this snapper trying to blend in with the road near Dalton.

One of the employees was hooking up a milking machine to cows on the carousel while Kat Becker toured a new dairy operation near Campbell.

Karen Blom got this rooster pheasant north of Alexandria.

Gail Kloos, of Dalton, found a fancy snowman dressed for winter.

While Donna Erickson was away from Evansville in 2018 she visited sites in Norway, including this town built right to the edge of the water.

A beautiful butterfly is one of nature’s gifts. Shared by Dawn Grossman, of Benson.

Old barn in need of a little paint near Clear Lake, S.D. Shared by Ronda Gniffke.

Laurie Kent caught a Canadian smoke sunset this summer.

This viburnum bush was growing outside Harold and Janine Shepersky’s kitchen window when they moved to Spicer 5 years ago. The birds do not eat the berries, so Harold and Janine are able to enjoy them all winter.

In September, Randy and Carol Witt spent time along the North Shore where they watched this deer standing on his hind legs, enjoying a tree of apples. Shared by Randy’s sister, Arlene Jenkins, who lives west of Henning.

Beverly Barker Zahler did a good job feeding these twin calves 53 years ago. Shared by her mother Vivian Barker, of Mora.

This doe and her friend hanging out by a birch tree were photographed by Tony Wenzel, of Randall.

Sally Erickson, of Little Falls, watched a weaver making an alpaca blanket with her little boy nearby, on her Peru trip.

“Headless” turkey spotted by Jeff Stave in Brainerd.

James Wolter, of St. Cloud, spotted this squirrel trying to keep clean in the treetops.

While strolling about Milwaukee, the petunias were blooming for Gail Bjorge, of Elk River.

DeVonne Koppenberg loved the flowers on the Park Rapids Fire Department building.

The late autumn full moon over the Swanville River near Sobieski looks like a painting. Taken by Andrea Moss.

Marci and Larry Kiewel, of Belle Plaine, had been married 45 years when they finally made the trip to Niagara Falls that makes all American weddings official. The couple felt like the only ones there during their October visit. They arrived on the Canadian side in time for sunset and were greeted by a seagull that seemed to be the master of ceremonies.

Kristie Flachmeyer found it dazzling in Dassel when the mushroom building, that used to be a gas station, was decorated with some winter lights.

If you make it to New Ulm, John Pfeiffer thinks it is worth a stop at the glockenspiel downtown, and when you time it right, you can see figures rotate around while the bells play.

All the world is an aviary for Dale Dietel to explore. When he isn’t birding in Waconia, he likes to check out other places like the Gulf of Mexico, near Sarasota, Florida, where he saw a great blue heron.

Claustrophobic look up the silo ladder, shared by Brenda Kotasek, of rural St Peter.

Glencoe’s own Barbara Flom wasn’t sure how this would come out, but she managed to catch the moon and rainbow together in the sky.

According to Al Batt, of Hartland, winter can wear a starling to a frazzle.

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