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September 2020 Photo Gallery

Sue Taylor, of Hitterdal, had a joyful beginning to the Fourth of July. This fox squirrel greeted her in the morning as he so happily ate an orange left for the Baltimore Orioles.
Jim and Kat Becker, in Tintah, always have a cherry tomato plant on the back deck, to snack on while sitting outside enjoying the summer.
This summer, some monarch caterpillars were found munching on milkweed, by Wayne Chan, in Lowry.
Mary Donley’s patio plant, in Fergus Falls, with the red flowers is a Rio Dipladenia.
Joyce Anderson, of Starbuck, loves how all three of these dogs, Snazzy Jazzy (black lab cross), Angus (crossbreed), and Mac (Saint Bernard), have their tongues out and are sitting so good.
Red, white and blue summer blooms at Donna Erickson’s, in Evansville.
While playing golf in Alexandria, Dave Blom watched a fox who wanted to attack a group of geese. A wall of outstretched wings and necks kept the fox at bay.
Charlie Ruckheim found a birdhouse that could use a little maintenance near ParkersPrairie.
Sue Peterson sends a view of Madison Lake, from late July, taken by Bruce Ahlschlager at Darryll and Marilyn Stephen’s place.
A bird nest built into a dock post, along Rainy River near Baudette, with mama bird watching over her babies still in the nest. Submitted by Susan Horkey, of Windom.
Jeanette Duis, of Clarkfield, shared a picture of her 16 year old son Matthew Duis and his grandpa, Glen Jorgenson. Proud moment here, after they went to an auction and Grandpa bought Matthew his first tractor.
Sun halo over Lac qui Parle County during June. Spotted by Kim Heimdahl, it was something Kim had never seen before.
A sunflower from Carolyn Enstad in Walnut Grove.
The garden bird bath is only about 50 feet from Susan Lorenz’s St. Augusta house. Watching the deer have a nice long drink was an interesting treat.
A beautiful swan, one Sunday morning on Beaver Lake, north of Kimball. Sent by Judy Hammer.
DeVonne Koppenberg enjoyed seeing the Nutmobile on hand for the reopening of the Waite Park Library, on August 17. They gave out packages of salted peanuts to those who came.
This little bear is a big guy now. The cub had a twin and they visited Arnold Borchert when he lived in Wisconsin, together with their mom just about every day.
Al Batt heard from an eastern chipmunk who was describing the cherry tomato that got away, in Hartland.
Anderson Gardens by Lake Ripley, in Litchfield, is a good place for watching butterflies. Photo by Kristie Flachmeyer.
Crab leaves and clover near the house at John Pfeiffer’s dad’s house in Andover.
Whitey the cat, lounging under a bell, from Tom and Wendy Wick of Hutchinson. Photo shared by Mary Jane Skurat, of Villard.

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