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Vining woman to celebrate 100 years

Mabel Shallock still lives at home -- likes to read and care for her large flower garden

By Jim Palmer

Mabel Schallock of Vining will be celebrating her 100th birthday on Sept. 22.

Mabel was born in Fargo on Sept. 22, 1920. She is the only surviving child of Carl and Lettie Miller. Her dad, Carl, sold and delivered water in Fargo, but died of cancer when Mabel was just 12.

Mabel attended St. Anthony Catholic School in Fargo through the 10th grade. She was married in 1937 but later divorced her first husband. In 1944, she married Roland Schallock. The couple raised eight children. They were married for 59 years. Roland passed away in 2003.

Mabel Schallock of Vining will celebrate her 100th birthday on Sept. 22. She is pictured last year, with a large “Happy 99th Birthday” cake. Contributed photo

At a local contest, Mabel was voted the healthiest baby in Fargo at age three. Over the years, Mabel has been able to maintain that good health. Her biggest scare, she said, was probably back in the fifth grade when she suffered from typhoid fever.

Mabel has always loved to craft. She made many quilts for family members.

“Every grandchild has received a homemade quilt,” she said.

She also got involved with ceramics, making molds, painting hundreds of ceramics, and firing them in her own kiln. She has a Christmas village with stores, houses and a church that she made.

Gardening has always been a passion for Mabel. Not only does she still live at home, she continues to maintain a large garden at her home, with many flowers. She also keeps the birds fed with multiple feeders in her gardens.

Another passion has been reading. She said she was taught to read before she went to school and hasn’t stopped reading since.

“I have always loved to read and have read a lot of books over the years,” she said.

“I think she has read every single book in the Parkers Prairie library,” said her daughter, Ann Schallock of Vining.

Mabel said she continues to read every day but doesn’t read as fast as she used to.

“Only one of my eyes still working good so I can’t read as much,” she said.

Mabel also enjoys fishing when her son is able to take her out.

Mabel was blessed with a good memory. “If any one of us can’t remember something we call mom because she always remembers,” said Ann.

Mabel has eight children, 18 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren and 10 great-great grandchildren.

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